Getting started with your new website project can be a little confusing -- so to prevent any questions once we're going, here's a little breakdown of what we, as your website designer, include in projects.

  • Design your website as a whole: we design multiple content pages, home pages, landing pages and even product pages, depending on your needs.
  • Assist with advising on what images work best with your new design.
  • Upload a certain number of pages and product content, typically 5 content pages and 10 product pages.
  • Connect your social media accounts.
  • Connect your Google Analytics accounts.
  • Connect any EDM/Email Marketing plugins (if available)
  • Full testing of links internally and externally of your website.
  • Write and upload your basic terms and conditions, privacy policy and credits.
  • Write, edit or supply written content such as about pages or blogs. All content is crafted by you, unless booked and paid for separately.
  • Connect, install or build plugins or software. You might need to engage a developer for any additional connections.
  • Edit your images. We provide recommendations on sizing, but you'll need to name your images correctly for SEO and supply them at correct sizing.
  • Offer ongoing, unpaid support. Once your website is approved and launched, you'll either manage your website yourself or hop on an ongoing maintenance membership.
  • If you're struggling to write content, we have a copywriter available in our team to help.
  • Create or source appropriate photography and imagery for your new website. Our in-house photographer is available for half and full day packages.
  • Create graphic design elements, such as illustrations, testimonial lettering or custom icons. Our graphic designer has an hourly rate for these extras.
  • Create and monitor ongoing digital marketing efforts, such as SEO and SEM campaigns.