Welcome to Portager Studio


About Us

Our multi-disciplinary studio started in 2013 under the guidance of Alisha (previously Alisha Loves Coffee) as a freelance Graphic and Website Designer.

After completing her studies in both Graphic Design and Advanced Marketing, Alisha was drawn to the combination of aesthetically-pleasing visuals through graphic design and the intricate data-driven world of analytics.

Once the studio was ready to go full-time, Alisha grew the studio to employ four other designers, creating a flourishing, empowering environment. Since then Alisha Loves Coffee has re-branded to Portager Studio with the natural step to broader services with the same focused approach.



The Studio Name

Even we struggled to come up with a name. Really. Choosing a brand name is intensely personal and while there was no real 'concept' or starting point, Portager is a combination of two words;

PARTAGER is a wonderful French word meaning to share; to be divided. This completely resonates with us: collaboration with our clients is crucial and ensuring we continuously share our skills with those around us is the core of everything we do.

PORTAGE is the practice of carrying a water craft or cargo over land. Portages can be kilometers in length. People often carry these heavy loads on their shoulders, and depend on one another. We didn't feel as though there was anything more connected with what we do: we find solutions, integrate our passion for solutions with each and every project and will always strive to take our clients from concept to launch with ease.



Our Community Focus

As of our rebrand, we'll now be donating 5% of ALL invoices to selected not-for-profit organisations, selected quarterly. You can read all about our mission here.



What we do:

Portager Studio specialises in five key elements:

- Branding and Visual Identity and...

- Website Design and Development

- Marketing and Social Media Management with...

- Strategy and Data Analysis

- Content Creation and Direction


Our clients are broad and varied: from creative individuals through to medium sized professional agencies.