You've launched your website? Amazing. Let us tell you all about our exclusive retainers for our much-loved clients.


so, what's a retainer?

Every business relies on their website for many things - their marketing activities, selling products, promoting a service (or physical space) - the options are endless. Working with Portager Studio for your website design is a single fixed-price project, but our partnership doesn't have to end there. Working with a retainer is a stable, cost-effective way for you to access our services without re-hiring another agency or an in-house graphic designer/website designer to make additional changes or improvements as time goes on.

Our fixed monthly fees can be a super efficient way of making sure your design needs are taken care of with ease.

The best thing? Our retainer fee is discounted in comparison to our hourly fee and you'll be provided with an allocated designer to work with consistently throughout your monthly project updates. Our regular fee is $120 an hour, yet our retainer fee is just $95. Super simple.  



Great question! Your retainer agreement essentially allows you a dedicated number of hours per month (based on your retainer membership) with the exception of our more project-based work like new branding projects and new website builds. 

A few examples of retainer work includes;

  • General graphic design like business cards, postcards, marketing material etc.
  • Digital design such as website banners, social media graphic imagery and other website additions.
  • EDM template design for monthly newsletters
  • Any ongoing website design changes or content uploads


How does a retainer actually work?

Each retainer package are pre-designed programs that exist to support your business. We're the equivalent of an employee, but we work from our own studio. You'll be given access to a special page within our website for you to submit requests. The lowdown is as follows;

  • Once you've chosen a retainer membership, you'll be able to send us a request via our website.
  • You'll see an email from one of our dedicated team members with an estimate of hours and the turnaround time
  • Your incoming project will be given a priority status and we'll get to work within the week.
  • Your work will be delivered with quality, professionalism and a tonne of passion.


Available packages that you can choose from

Each package is a minimum three month commitment, which can be paid in full or in fortnightly payments (totally your call.)

$2,500 per month for 35 hours work (save $825.00 per month)


$1,500 per month - 20 hours (save $400.00 per month)

$300 per month - 5 hours (save $175.00 per month) 

For all packages, any unused hours may be carried forward to the following month, but be sure to use it once it rolls over; after the second month it vanishes and the allotted hours tick back to the original agreement. For example, if you use 4 out of 5 hours in April on a Low-Fuss retainer, you have 6 to use in May – but once May clocks over into June, you’re back to 5 whether you’ve used them or not. Get it? You’re the cleverest.

The best part is that if you have a 10 hour retainer, but you actually need 15 hours worth of work in a given month, we bill you the additional 5 hours at the same rate as the retainer, not our normal bill rate. 


What if my needs change and I need to cancel?

Of course. We completely understand sometimes things pop-up and you need to re-evaluate! You can cancel anytime, but we'll agree to give each other one month's notice.


How do I pay?

Our auto-payment system makes things totally easy. You'll be deducted your nominated amount on the same day each month through your chosen credit card so you're paid for the upcoming month.


How do I get started?

If you're ready to go ahead and have work piling up, sign up for one of the packages by emailing us directly! We'd love to chat about your needs first and make sure you've got the best package available. We're always so excited to chat further about your biz.


The little details

  • $95/hr – minimum of 5 hours per month, minimum of 3 months commitment
  • Any additional hours (above the retainer agreement) will be charged at $130/hr
  • Retainers are non-refundable.
  • Retainer invoices are due at the beginning of each month, additional hours to be charged at the end of each month
  • Does not cover printing, supply of images or any illustrations.