Our Story

Hi, I'm Alisha. I'm often asked what took me down this path, or why I'm so passionate about what I do and I decided now was the opportunity to tell the Portager story.

I grew up in a household full of computer and network technology, so my keen interest in computers was a natural progression. From practicing my type skills by writing "Alisha is the best in the world" on each keyboard stationed around my family's technology store through to dabbling in code at 15, my story on how I found my place in the world of digital design could've been easily predicted over a decade ago.

People don't typically associate design with technology, despite how fundamentally connected they are to one another. The intersection between stunning graphic/web design and the software, systems and processes behind them are often overlooked when discussing either of the topics. As time goes on, this crucial connection has become an integral part of our studio and the kind of work we produce.

Personally, I'm fascinated and in awe of what can be done on an aesthetic level when all of the nuts and bolts are created flawlessly underneath. I'm not just talking about website development either, I'm talking about the strategy behind a simple logo through to the automated chain of information you're added to just by typing in your email address. I'm interested in the back-end CMS of a website, the technology that powers a data center and the need to constantly learn, discover and embed myself within the incredible, fast-paced technology industry hasn't weakened.

Each and every time we design a visual identity, or sketch out the underlying framework of a soon-to-be-built website, or even when we look at customer behaviour through data and analytics, I'm always learning something from the power that is tech and design. And that's all I want to share, each day.

Alisha x