Getting your visual identity & digital presence to the next level.


Your brand needs to work hard.

When you're ready to launch a business, it's hard to be patient. You want to catapult your new business to the world and start making an impact. Or maybe you're ready for a fresh start.

Before you make the leap, remember; there is nothing more important to launching your business than telling a story than through visual identity.


Our visual identity process

Conversation & Collaboration

At the start of any branding project, we'll tee up a time to speak with you. This can be done at our studio in Brisbane, over the phone or even via Skype.

Through a set of questionnaires and exercises, we'll figure out quickly whether our studio is a good fit for your business and if we've got a similar idea in mind for the duration of the project. Call it a first date.


Analyse Through to Review

The next step of your project will include reviewing your current brand and business to analyse where you're currently positioned within your market and what your long-term goals are. Getting these right is a crucial step for any branding process. You'll also be given a self-discovery questionnaire to help you nut out and define what your influences and inspiration behind your brand stand. After this, we'll assess the overall message your brand is hoping to capture and we'll work collaboratively on the strategy from hereon out.


Design and Conceptualise

The story, message and direction of your brand will be finalised and established at this point, leading us to the next stage of your project: design. Our team will begin creating mockups and concepts along with the initial round of logos. These concepts will visually represent the progress we've made and the course we're heading towards.



After we've received your feedback, we'll meticulously refine and extrapolate on your new logo that will provide an outcome you love. This set of logos will speak to the absolute core of your business and will relay the story we've built.


Extrapolation into a Suite

From this point on, we'll expand your finalised logo into an entire brand suite completely unique to your business. Think thoughtful colour palettes, intentional font selections and illustrations that are presented in a singlular brand style to expand across your multiple channels of digital media. With this will come a complete, cohesive brand including all of your collateral.


Launching and expanding online, with a sharp focus.


More than just a website.

Your website is more than just a URL. It can be the ultimate support to your business goals, can create loyal customers out of visitors and can fuel your marketing decisions.

Designing and launching a website doesn't have to be a lengthy, intimidating process. We collaborate with you to design a functional, stunning and effective website.


Our website design process

Planning Your Sitemap

Don't be put off by the word 'sitemap.' We take the time to learn the ins and outs of the website you and your customer needs and we work backwards from that point. You'll work closely with our team to dive deep into the functionality aspects and overall design that we'd proposed to make and will craft a sitemap that is complimentary to the type of content you'll be publishing.


Design and Mockup

Once your sitemap has been reviewed and approved, we create a visitor footprint and begin creating 'storytelling' content pages that lead your audience through the content you've staged to convert. This process will help you clarify the end result and give you the opportunity to review our work and hone in on what you love. This framework will then be the foundation for the overall design and development of your website from this point on. You'll also be given the opportunity to curate all of the content you'd like visible on your website.



We'll begin building your website on the best platform possible for your business in mind, with a crystal clear guide on the kind of template/theme we'll be working with. This development stage will streamline your customer's digital footprint, integrate your content with your marketing goals and will offer an on-point, stunning aesthetic to tie everything in together.


Review and Launch

With each and every project, once we're confident that you're going to love what we've created and that the website will flourish, you'll receive a live version of our design to go through, piece by piece. Our focus on 'storytelling' will ensure that your audience connects with your business and invests in your brand. After you've had the chance to review your new website and provide feedback, we'll make three rounds of meticulous revisions before launching your website to the world. You'll also be gifted with on-brand social media and EDM templates to announce your new website to your established base!


June 2017: Aurora Floral Studio