We're a small team of creatives who specialise in branding identity, website creation and marketing.

As a small team of creatives, we're passionate about our work, act like a group of best friends and are constantly striving to do good.

Our studio offers streamlined services, strategic thinking and creative designs.

Why I started Portager Studio

I proudly get to work with 4 of my favourite creatives within Portager Studio. We're all women, passionate about our work and even more passionate about making our clients have a dream realised.


Personally, I've always found 'About Me' pages to be a little odd. There's the overall brief of the studio, or a story about a freelancer gone big. I often want to know more than what I'm reading and while all of those things are true, they're not essentially who people "are" which is the sole purpose of this exercise, right?

So, here's a little about myself.

I'm analytical and creative, in equal parts, which makes my job and life either extremely easy and fluid or a constant struggle to find balance. I believe in progress over perfection, of being honest about your situation and letting go of potential dreams rather than chasing everything. Of finding the right people to surround yourself with. Of late nights and mornings slept in. Of prioritising experiences over goods and of avoiding being risk-adverse.

I'm also the youngest of three brothers (there's a story,) the only girl and the ultimate 'black sheep' of my family. My mother and is my biggest inspiration. As of August 2017, I'm officially a wife to my favourite person.

Portager Studio was originally called Alisha Loves Coffee, suggested to me by one of my peers in college since I came to my night class with a large coffee each and every night. What started off in 2010 as night-time freelancing after work has slowly transitioned into a multi-disciplinary studio hiring other local designers and creatives in a collaborative, inspiring setting that I'm insanely proud of.

We're now working with both local and international clients, from small boutique labels through to corporate law firms, and we always have one goal: to create audacious goals and to exceed expectations.